How it Works

Liz Croft and Lizzie Kenyon

Lizzie and Liz work together when seeing families and young people for neurodevelopment assessments. For other concerns families can see either Lizzie or Liz depending on the presenting difficulties if in doubt please contact our Medical Secretary who will be able to advise or to talk to us directly.

The young person will usually be seen initially with their parents but also independently. The assessment will vary depending on the reason for the visit but at least one session will be spent gaining an in-depth history of the presenting concerns from everyone's perspective. At this point we may use some questionnaires to gain a deeper understanding and to measures change over time.

Following the initial assessment a report will be written outlining our opinion on the presenting problem and, where indicated, any recommendations for ongoing treatment. The report would typically be sent to the young person's GP, to the parents and young person if they are 16 years and over. Families and young people are under no obligation to undertake ongoing treatment.

Occasionally we may request blood tests or a physical examination these are usually undertaken by the young person's GP.